Visual Literacy Project

Every person whether artist or casual observer; gravitates towards certain visuals either because the imagery is attractive to us or because it communicates something to us. That is your primary visual literacy - you can understand and communicate in that style.
Then there are visuals that don’t resonate with us. Our response verbally or internally is something like, “I don’t get it, that does nothing for me.” In these cases; after a creator explains their work, I usually find an appreciation for it that I never would have come to on my own. The purpose of visual literacy project is to share those stories in order to expand the art and visuals that we are able to understand and appreciate. This project has no basis in art history or theory; just real people telling us why they create the art and imagery that they do.
With that in mind, the best way to use these resources would be to watch the interviews where the images don’t immediately excite you. Or maybe the imagery intrigues you but you don’t know why. Let the artists expand your own visual literacy, and possibly yourself and your own art in the process.