Visual Literacy Project Talks - Artistic photography with Scott Norris

Scott Norris Photography

Scott Norris is a native Texan currently living in Milwaukee on the east side with his wife and son. He has been shooting on and off since 1982, and Scott's career outside of photography is as a 3D animation motion graphics effects professional. Scott creates emotion, mood and atmosphere with his photographs. Each photo is a very personal journey exposing his own fears, triumphs, beliefs, shortcomings whether working in landscape, still life, architecture or macro. Scott usually shoots spontaneously with the surroundings mostly dictating what is photographed, and shooting is only the first step; it's a jumping off point. Then he takes the raw images, creates what he sees in his mind's eye, coaxing out textures, sometimes adding them, enhancing contrast and lights and darks; creating moods and emotions that he felt and wants you to feel. Scott's process is about listening to his heart, his mind, and creating a visual representation of what he felt the moment the shutter was released.

The primary places to find Scott's photography that we discuss in this interview are on and

Episode Timeline

  • 1:13 About Scott Norris and artist statement
  • 4:55 Current special projects
  • 8:30 Value of artistic communities and being curious about visual ideas
  • 11:02 Has your art always been a part of your life or when did it start?
  • 18:42 Is it important to know the history and the masters in your chosen medium?
  • 23:06 Is your art and photography a hobby or full time profession?
  • 24:43 Do you have a specific style you always work in?
  • 29:10 Scott's 365 photography project
  • 31:40 Working on evolving your style
  • 35:30 Are there any styles you tried and didn't continue or just didn't care for?
  • 39:10 Are there any styles that intrigue you and you'd like to practice more?
  • 42:45 Making photographs to sell
  • 48:30 Is there any type of imagery that you don't care for or don't connect with?
  • 50:58 Why do some visuals connect with you and others don't?
  • 53:00 Wrap up and where can you find Scott's work?
  • 54:30 Takeways from this conversation

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      Indeed, Scott’s work is a great representation of the goal to get things kicked off here. I’m liking his new abstract / 3D art even if it is branching away from photography a bit.

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