Visual Literacy Project Interview Information


You probably arrived here because I sent you an invite through a social platform or a direct email. Even if you just clicked the link out of curiosity; thank you for taking a moment to check this out.

So why did I invite you here? I’m curious about your visual style and the way you work. Won’t you tell us about it?

Our Audience - creators looking for visual literacy knowledge

How to interpret, and capture or create an idea as a visual artist can take a lifetime to learn and master. Our audience is hungry to hear your ways of seeing, techniques, craftsmanship, commercial approach or personal philosophies learned through practice; things that can’t be found in any MFA program.

I occasionally interview leaders in organizations and businesses that I feel are a valuable knowledge resource for our audience.

For visual artists - add a narrative layer to your work and to your public personality

Giving consumers of your art a better understanding of both how and why we create the art that we do connects people to us and to our art. After a creator explains their work process or intention, I find an appreciation for it that I might never have come to on my own.

If you're thinking, "I don't talk about my art. I let my art talk for me," consider everyone who helped to broaden your own skills and understanding that made it possible for you to be the creator you have become. If you ever plan to host a gallery show or teach your craft to others; talking about your art and your process is a critical skill just as much as mastering a brush or a camera.

Show Format

If you're an artist; show us at least three favorite images/artworks/pieces that you have made and we will talk about these ideas:

  • This is the style of work that I create most today. It’s what I’m known for or would like to be known for.
  • If you have been through several phases of your professional career, we'd like to see two pieces that represent each period of your development.
    1. “When I was learning I made stuff that looked like this” - it could be your early work from art school or something you made in 3rd grade. What was the starting point that made you curious enough to pursue being a visual creator?
    2. If you’ve done professional work, what does/did that look like? We want to hear from people at all levels and at all stages of the journey. There's no requirement to have paid professional work to be a guest. I do love talking to educators in their specialty too.
    3. When I make pieces for my own enjoyment I do work like this.

The work you talk about can all be the same or all different. Have you chosen to go deep on one style or method? Or do you like to dabble and “work” in may styles, methods and formats? We really want to know why you like and practice each one of them.

Personally I started this show because I’m art curious. Celebrate all the styles I say!